What We Do

We host and cater wedding ceremonies & receptions on our farm, which is located about thirty minutes outside of Greensboro, NC. We can accommodate up to 150 guests on our property.
We provide the following for our wedding clients:
1. A simple planning process for the bride & groom. We believe a wedding should be fun and exciting to plan, not stressful.
2. A beautiful, natural environment. Our decorations are gardens, goats, and chickens!
3. Delicious, farm-fresh food at your reception. All of our food is made from ingredients sourced from our farms or other local farms.
4. A comfortable atmosphere in which you (and your guests!) can relax and truly enjoy your wedding.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Susannah & Paul 6.11.2011

     When asked what her favorite part of the wedding was, Susannah's flower girl answered "the chickens and the dancing." We at Goat Lady Dairy could not hope for a better reaction.
     If someone asked me this question, I would probably have to reply "the rain." This was the first rainy wedding we have had at Goat Lady Dairy and I could not have asked for a better couple to go with on this adventure. Five minutes after the ceremony was supposed to begin, it was still raining. The forecast for the day had been sunny, so we had not had a tent set up over the ceremony site. I walked into the guest house, soaking wet from the rain, and told Susannah - who looked STUNNING - that we were starting the ceremony, rain and all. Susannah did not even flinch. "Okay, great!" she said. There are few brides who will willingly, not too mention joyfully, agree to a wedding ceremony in the rain. Susannah Haskett Bunch is one who will.
     It stopped raining shortly after the ceremony began and the rest of the evening was BEAUTIFUL. But I am grateful for the rainstorm that not only cooled off the farm, but also made Susannah & Paul's wedding one for the books.
     Abigail Seymour was the photographer for this wedding and has allowed me to post the following photographs below. Not only is Abigail one of my favorite Greensboro photographers, but she is an amazing person. Thank you Abigail!

Susannah - Thank you for trusting me with your wedding day and for being an AMAZING bride. I look forward to growing our friendship sans lily of the valley bouquets! You better Belize it!